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Vackertass Supply Company Classic Brown Leather Collar

Vackertass Supply Company Classic Brown Leather Collar

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Classic and minimal collar that will soften and develop its own unique patina over time, as well as darken slightly depending on your dogs everyday use.

These collars are handmade from vegetable tanned full-grain leather and strong solid brass hardware. All these leather products are finished off with protecting leather balm.

Size Guide & Details

  • X-Small: 9-12”, 5/8" wide/
    23-30.5cm, 1.6cm wide
  • Small: 12-15”, 3/4” wide/
    30.5-38cm, 2cm wide
  • Medium: 15-18”, 1” wide/
    38cm-45.5cm, 2.5cm wide
  • Large: 18-21”, 1” wide/
    45.5-53cm, 2.5cm wide

Loop a measuring tape around your dogs neck making sure it is not too tight but not too loose. You should be able to fit two fingers between the neck and the collar.

We recommend to condition the leather every 3-6 months using a natural leather wax to help keep the leather soft and protect it from environmental factors. Regularly cleaning and wiping off the brass hardware from dirt will help against the oxidation process and potential staining and darkening. Please keep in mind that this is a natural process with leather and brass and can't be completely avoided.


Vegetable tanned leather with solid brass hardware.

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