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Border Loves All Natural Socks for Dog Owners

Border Loves All Natural Socks for Dog Owners

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Exclusively crafted for Border Loves, these all natural, unsynthesized socks boast unparalleled breathability with their combination of untreated wool, unbleached cotton, and rugged hemp.

Fashionably conscious, these hand-stitched, allergen-free socks are crafted by a beloved Italian family-run business. They are Ultra-absorbent and free of synthetics, limiting perspiration and making them the perfect present.

Details: Colour: Due to its all-natural composition, each product features an individually distinct tone, ranging from ivory to light cream. This adds to the charm and authenticity associated with this natural product.

Sizing: UK Medium (M) - 38-39 EU, 5-6 UK Large (L) - 40-41 EU, 7-8 UK

A composition of 60% untreated sheep wool, 20% unbleached and undyed cotton, and 20% hemp creates these luxury handmade all natural socks.

Washing: Hand washing in cool water is the optimal method to retain these socks' all-natural properties. However, they can also be machine washed in a wool/gentle cycle on a cool setting. Avoid tumble drying, dry cleaning, ironing, and bleaching; instead, hang the socks to dry.

Please note - Proper footwear is essential for prolonging the life of a pair of socks. To reduce wear and tear, we suggest wearing them only every 2-3 days to allow the fibers to rest. Additionally, placing cedar balls, lavender, or other moth-repelling items in the sock drawer can help protect them from premature damage.

Take care of your feet as this can prevent snagging or tears in the socks.

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