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The Trendy Whippet Grey Fluffy Fleece Whippet Jumper

The Trendy Whippet Grey Fluffy Fleece Whippet Jumper

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These soft fluffy fleece jumpers are made using exclusive, super thick material, perfect for the colder months. Whether it’s lounging by the fire or out on a chilly walk, your sighthound will be cosy all day in this jumper!

The Jumper has a high neck for extra cosiness. Two front legs to make it easy for your dog to step into, the jumper covers the chest – which is the part that gets the coldest on a Whippet, Italian Greyhound or Greyhound due to not having much fur there. The back is open for toileting. Can be used as pyjamas or as a jumper.


Size XSMALL – Length: 14” (35cm) Chest: 16-18″ (40-45cm).
Size SMALL – Length: 16-17″ (40-43cm) Chest 18-20” (45-50cm).
Size MEDIUM – Length: 21″ (53cm) Chest: 23-24″ (58-60cm)
Size LARGE – Length: 23″ (58cm) Chest: 25-26″ (63-66cm)
Size XLARGE – Length: 26″ (66cm) Chest: 28-29″ (71-74cm)
Size XXLARGE – Length: 29″ (74cm) Chest: 31-32″ (79-81cm)


Machine washable at 30c.

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