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Redhound for Dogs Charcoal Fleece Jumper

Redhound for Dogs Charcoal Fleece Jumper

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Redhound's Fleece Jumpers for Whippets and Terriers are the ideal item of clothing for your hound all year round! Perfect for cold nights, chilly walks, and camping trips! 

Your pooch will be happy and warm when wearing their Fleece Jumper. It keeps them dry on a drizzly walk and protects their tummy from some splash back when it is muddy, plus the Whippet sizes have been designed with super long necks that can be pulled over the ears on very cold days. This fleece jumper will keep your dog dry in drizzle, light rain or light snow, but is not ‘waterproof’. It is an ideal extra layer under many of our coats.


Italian Greyhound Length  35 - 40cm (14-16″) Chest  43-48cm (17"-19″).

Small Whippet Length 43 - 48cm (17-19″)  Chest  50-53cm (20″-21″).

Medium Whippet Length 55 - 61cm  (22-24”)  Chest  61-66cm  (24″-26″).

Large Whippet Length 61 - 66cm (24-26”) Chest 66-71cm (26″ - 28″).

Extra Large Whippet Length 66 - 71cm (26-28") Chest 71 - 76cm (28" - 30")

Small Greyhound will fit a dog who’s back length is 66 - 76cms (26" - 28″) Chest of 66 - 71cms (26-28″). 

Extra Small Dachshund Length 30cm (12"), Neck 20 - 25cm (8-10"), Chest 40 - 45cm (16-18")

Washable at 30 degrees. 

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