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Pooch's Liver and Bacon Bones

Pooch's Liver and Bacon Bones

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Pooch's are passionate about their work and the quality of treats they make. Every treat baked is individually hand made with locally sourced ingredients.

Pooch's have developed a range of healthy, natural treats concentrating on a high meat content.

- Low in Fat – High in taste
- No preservatives, flavourings or colourings
- High Fresh, Local Meat Content
- Fully regulated through DEFRA & Trading Standards
- Environmentally Friendly
- Fantastic Training Aids
- Concentrating on a high meat content

A very popular Meaty treat full of Protein & Vitamin A.

Composition; Ox Liver (30%)- Bacon (5%) Semolina – Oats –  Bran – Rapeseed Oil

Typical Analysis: Crude Protein 16.7 g/100gm – Crude Oil 6.7 % – Crude Fibre 1.5 % – Crude Ash 2.1 %. Total meat content 30%

Each bag contains 250gms.


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