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Mutterly Fabulous Rope Lead

Mutterly Fabulous Rope Lead

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These beautiful, handmade rope leads have been crafted with the best quality rope and solid brass hardware.

These rope leads are individually handcrafted by the team at Mutterly Fabulous, with love. Secured with a snake knot, waxed polyester stitching and contrasting paracord whipping, our leads offer you a safe, lightweight and stylish go-to for those daily adventures with your pooch.

CLIP LEADS: These standard single handle leads provide everything you need for your everyday walkies - stylish, practical and comfy on the hands! As with all of the rope leads, the single handle leads are secured with a snake knot, waxed thread stitching and complimentary whipping, offering you a safe, lightweight and stylish go to for those daily adventures with your pooch. A solid brass o-ring hangs within the snake knot for easy attachment of poo bags or other clip-on accessories. All of the single handle/clip rope leads are approximately 4.5 feet long.

SLIP LEADS: These slip leads are a great training tool for those dogs who like to pull. Designed as a loop, simply pop the slip lead over your pups head and you're ready to go! All of the slip leads come complete with a biothane stopper which can be moved up or down the lead to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The slip leads also have the capability to be used as a figure of 8 if desired - twist the loop into an 8 shape creating one loop for the neck and one loop for the nose. An excellent training tool for lead walking. The slip leads are approx. 4 feet long when on, from back of the neck the top of the handle.

TRAINING LEAD: The adaptable training lead is here to offer you more flexibility on your walks. Create your own size loop handle for either short or long lead training, attach to both collar and harness for extra control, walk two pups on the one lead or wrap round your waist for a hands free stroll - the possibilities are plentiful! Featuring a double ended design with a trigger clip at both ends, the training lead enables you to decide on the function you require on each of your walks. All you need to do is position the moveable o-rings along the length of the lead, dependent on the function you require and attach one of the lead ends to create your loop. The other end then attaches to your dogs harness or collar. If you are wanting to walk 2 pups, the lead simply splits in 2, one clip for each pup.

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