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Lily's Kitchen Advent Calendar

Lily's Kitchen Advent Calendar

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Christmas means family time. Pets included. Which is why we’ve created an advent calendar made especially for your little one. Now your pooch can join in all the festivities with you.  

Your lucky woofer gets to enjoy a daily treat in the countdown to Christmas—a selection of three delicious meaty goodies made with top quality ingredients. Just remember, these are day-to-day treats. DO NOT give in to the puppy eyes, no matter how powerful.

Fellow dog parents who have treated their pooch to our advent calendars in the past—you’ll notice that we’ve replaced our baked bites with mouth-wateringly tasty meaty treats. Your pooch will get to enjoy:

Turkey Bites with Cranberries – Tempting mini circles made with proper meat and natural ingredients to a grain-free recipe. Perfect for getting their attention on wintry walks. 

Chicken & Quinoa Bites—Made with freshly prepared chicken with a sprinkling of quinoa and a gentle dash of ginger, these treats will distract your dog from whatever festive nibbles you’re eating.

Chicken and Beef Training Treats—A recipe made up of freshly prepared chicken and beef with a side of butternut squash and turmeric. Christmas just got tastier.

Proper Food for Dogs, Glad Tidings of Comfort & Joy, A Delicious Christmas Treat for Every Dog, With a Beat of a Drum and a Wag of a Tail, Vet approved recipes
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