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Hiro and Wolf Shuka Blue Hound Collar

Hiro and Wolf Shuka Blue Hound Collar

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The specialised collar for your special friend, this sighthound collar provides the perfect fit for your dog’s unique shape. Handmade to protect their delicate neck and fine skin, it’s the ideal choice for comfortable daily wear. A Hiro + Wolf original, this Shuka Blue hound collar features a fashionable ‘window cut’ design, revealing our popular print beneath the genuine leather.

  • Crafted using genuine leather that contours to your dog overtime
  • Lined with soft leather for comfort and to prevent fur loss from friction
  • Fishtail collar design to stop your hound from slipping out
  • Premium-quality solid metal hardware for maximum security for dogs who pull
  • Best for breeds like Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Lurchers, Salukis, Afghan Hounds, Borzois, Irish Wolfhounds, Deerhounds, Galgos, and more

Handmade in the UK, our leather sighthound collars are rigorously tested by Zawadi, our rescued Egyptian street hound.

ABOUT THE PRINT: Made from durable Masai ‘shuka’ fabric in a blue, yellow and black check, sourced from our travels to Kenya. Shuka blankets are worn by the Masai as part of their traditional dress and are incredibly hard-wearing and easy to clean.





23cm to 29cm around the neck, collar is 4cm wide.

Italian Greyhound + Small Whippet


29cm to 35cm around the neck, collar is 5cm wide.

Whippet + Small Greyhound + Bedlington Terrier


35cm to 42cm around the neck, collar is 6cm wide.

Greyhound + Lurcher + Saluki + Irish Wolfhound + Scottish Deerhound

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