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Hiro and Wolf Rainbow Squeaky Toy

Hiro and Wolf Rainbow Squeaky Toy

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Hiro and Wolf made it all the way to the wizard, after only getting distracted by a squirrel, squeaky tin man, and Hiro's shadow. They knocked on a large emerald knocker, and barked at the postman, who left a large parcel they had to investigate.

'To Hiro + Wolf, love from the Wizard of Dogz'

They ripped apart the box, and it was full to the brim of new handcrafted crochet toys!

Made by crochet master Cheyenne, these dog toys are made to last, and perfect for getting your teeth into. Each toy is a unique design, with a squeaker inside, to make training more fun.  

"It’s a real labour of love. Especially when working towards dog toys, I knew I needed to have particular requirements to ensure they worked well for their purpose."

SIZING: Length 16cm x Height 9cm.

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