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Hiro and Wolf Nebula Dog Collar

Hiro and Wolf Nebula Dog Collar

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This unique dog collar features fabric that has been hand-screen printed by Bombolulu in Kenya, a long standing Fair Trade workshop creating sustainable livelihoods for people living with disabilities.

With high quality buckles and solid D rings, secured by two rivets, they are ideal collars for large dogs (and small strong ones!). These patterned dog collars are backed onto tough polyester webbing and stitched with nylon thread.

Handmade in England these unique dog collars are rigorously tested by Hiro and Wolf on muddy walks through Hackney marshes and the occasional shopping trip to Liberties.


All of our Hiro+Wolf Collars and leads are durable and washable. Hand wash using a mild detergent and warm water, rinse well and remove excess moisture with a dry towel, making sure to dry off leather pieces thoroughly. Leave to dry naturally.


21cm to 26.5cm around the neck, collar is 1.5cm wide.

Chihuahua + Pomeranian + Small Terriers


28cm to 33.5cm around the neck, collar is 2cm wide.

Terriers + Jack Russell + Pug + Toy Poodle


35cm to 40.5cm around the neck, collar is 2cm wide.

Shiba Inu + Cockapoo + Spaniels


42cm to 47.5cm around the neck, collar is 2cm wide.

Bulldog + Dobermann


49cm to 54.5cm around the neck, collar is 2.5cm wide.

Labrador + German Shepherd + Rottweiler

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