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Hackney Dog House Pumpkin & Probiotics Powder

Hackney Dog House Pumpkin & Probiotics Powder

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Produced with human-grade ingredients and made in a UK food facility. This means higher quality ingredients & safety standards, like what you'd expect from your own food. Simply add water to create a puree, perfect for enrichment activities - or sprinkle dry for a tasty garnish on your pup's dinner. 

Promotes gut health

Each scoop contains millions of live cultures to support your dog's digestive wellbeing.

Keeps poops firm

A high fibre blend that provides all-natural long-term digestive and overall health 

Packed with nutrients

Pumpkin is high in Vitamin C & E, Alpha & Beta Caratones, Potassium & Magnesium.

Itching support

Probiotics offer relief for dogs with bothersome itchy skin, during allergy season. 


Pumpkin Pulp Powder, Lactose, Acacia Gum, Probiotic Bacillus Subtilis 4b1820

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