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Dogrobes Grey Drying Robe Snood

Dogrobes Grey Drying Robe Snood

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This Dogrobe snood is the perfect partner to their main drying robe, ensuring your pup's head, neck and ears will be bone dry in no time!

Designed to be worn like a loose hood initially, the dog may then shake his ears free leaving the Snood in position to dry his neck. Super easy to fit after outdoor adventures, swimming, training, bathing or working.

Handmade in the UK from an innovative towelling fabric exclusive to Dogrobes: 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Longer loops inside the smart fabric absorb moisture & trap dog's body heat.



(Breed Example)





MINI (Yorkshire Terrier) 11 inches/28cm 16 inches/41cm
TOY (Jack Russell) 14 inches/36cm 20 inches/51cm
XS (Cocker Spaniel) 16 inches/41cm 24 inches/61cm
S (Springer Spaniel) 18 inches/46cm 26 inches/66cm
M (Border Collie) 20 inches/51cm 30 inches/76cm
L (Labrador) 21 inches/53cm 32 inches/81cm
XL (German Shepherd) 25 inches/64cm 36 inches/91cm
XXL (Great Dane) 27 inches/69cm 40 inches/101cm
XXXL (Newfoundland) 30 inches/76cm 44 inches/112cm
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