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Redhound for Dogs Surrey Washable Navy Hound Coat

Redhound for Dogs Surrey Washable Navy Hound Coat

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When the weather turns warmer you realize that your hound would benefit more from a lighter weight coat than the heavier wax one. With this in mind Redhound have come up with the Surrey Showerproof Washable Hound Coat. 

Lined in beautiful sight-hound patterned cotton fabric. Also, it is completely washable and therefore most practical! It is definitely the right coat if you have a mucky hound who likes to play and roll around! 

The Surrey Washable Hound Coat is a very popular style and can be worn on it’s own or with a thin jumper underneath for really cold days. It is ideal for those hounds who don’t feel the cold too much but don’t like getting wet when it is a drizzly day.


Italian Greyhound - Length 42cms Chest 42cms Neck 29cms Strap  33-37cms

Small Whippet - Length 48cms Chest 50cms Neck 34cms Strap  42-46cms

Medium Whippet - Length 57cms Chest 61cms Neck 38cms Strap  48-52cms

Large Whippet - Length  61cms  Chest 66cms Neck 41cms Strap  54-58cms

Lurcher - Length 70cms Chest 74cms Neck 45cms Strap  59-63cms

Greyhound - Length 77 cms Chest 80cms Neck 50cms Strap 66-70cms


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