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Border Loves Squeaky Darcy Duck Toy

Border Loves Squeaky Darcy Duck Toy

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Darcy Duck from Border Loves is a Medium-Sized, Light-Chew Plush Dog Toy. 

This toy is Made of a Durable Linen and Cotton mix Fabric – perfect for a more meaningful play session!

In a standard teal and orange, Darcy's the ideal present for pups and their owners!

This Squeaky Duck Dog Toy boasts a linen/cotton fabric composition and a length of 34 cm - making it suitable for small, medium, and large breeds. Non-toxic materials provide peace of mind.

As with all Dog Toys - This Squeaky Duck Dog Toy is not meant to be used as a children's toy. Although no toy is indestructible, it can be used with proper supervision to prevent injury to your pet. Not suitable for puppies or dogs that chew, as they may chew off pieces or even internal squeakers, which can present choking or intestinal blockage hazards. Please inspect regularly and discard if any signs of wear and tear are observed.

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