Hey you found us!

Hey you found us!

Well after a fair while of promising, we have finally made it onto the world wide web (insert a Gavin and Stacey Bryn alternative at your own convenience)! What do you guys reckon? We really hope you love it but any constructive feedback is always welcome too!

For any of you who are new to the world of Winston James Woof let us introduce ourselves...

This is us and our appalling attempt at a group selfie, don't judge us! 

Anyway I'm Lou, a proud dog mum to these two beauts - Lennon and Macca, Brothers from Just Whippets Rescue. We adopted these boys when they were about 4 months old and it's safe to say they have completely forgotten any trauma from their previous life. It's sofas, cuddles and the finest bull pizzle in all the land nowadays.

Winston James Woof was created in 2016 after the company I was working for announced it was relocating. I had been unhappy for several months and decided this was the push I needed. Having worked at an interiors based company I decided to start something that could combine all the beautiful dog themed homeware I had seen on my travels plus the fabulous items designed specifically for dogs that I had been scouting out for the boys. It's fair to say I haven't looked back since, so a huge thank you to everyone who has shopped with us or supported us in any small way!

See you next time, love and licks,

Lou, Lennon and Macca x

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