JW Tumble Teez Treat Toy
JW Tumble Teez Treat Toy
JW Tumble Teez Treat Toy

JW Tumble Teez Treat Toy

JW Tumble Teez is puzzling, tumbling good fun. This dog treat toy is cleverly designed to dispense treats in an unpredictable way as your dog plays with the toy. Great fun and perfect to keep your dog entertained.

The patented internal design of this treat dispensing toy works like a maze for the treats to travel through. This challenging puzzle design keeps your dog engaged and makes treat time last longer.

The intriguing shape can wobble, tumble, roll and even bounce to keep your dog engaged with active play. Woof!

Made of natural non-toxic rubber and constructed with a thick rubber wall, the Tumble Teez is durable and the challenge is just enough to keep your dog trying for that next treat without giving up or finding it too easy.

Simply fill with treats or kibble, give it a jiggle and watch the challenge begin. It encourages play and reduces anxiety, keeping your dog on their toes for a brain-teasing good time.

  • Unpredictable treat dispenser puzzle toy
  • Interior maze design for longer play
  • Intriguing tumble, wobble and bounce
  • Tough natural non-toxic rubber

Pop treats or kibble into the toy and give it a few turns to get the treats dispersed properly into the internal maze.